Hornby R3019 "Pavilland Grange" - Heavily Weathered

  • Manufactured by: Hornby


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BR 4-6-0 'Paviland Grange' Grange Class - Late BR, Heavily Weathered - R3019 

  • Finish: Heavily Weathered
  • DCC Type: DCC Ready
  • Livery: BR (Late)
  • Class: Grange
  • Designer: C. B. Collett
  • Entered Service: 1936
  • Motor: 5 Pole Skew Wound.  Loco Drive
  • Purpose: Mixed Traffic
  • Wheel Configuration: 4-6-0
  • Dimensions: 253mm
  • Special Features: NEM Couplings, Sprung Buffers, Tender Detail

The 6800 Grange Class of mixed traffic locomotives were designed by Charles B Collett and introduced in 1936. They were the 5 feet 8 inch, 4-6-0s (a smaller wheeled version of the 'Hall' Class) outlined as early as 1901 by Churchward's Standardisation Plan and were intended to replace the 300 strong Class 4300, 2-6-0 Moguls.

The Granges incorporated reconditioned components, particularly wheels and motion parts from the withdraw 2-6-0s. They used a Standard No. 1 boiler and were in effect a lengthened 4300 with a larger boiler. Use of this boiler type necessitated other design changes such as a new smokebox saddle and a larger steam chest, resulting in greater steam production and increased power. The first four members of the Class were fitted with cast iron chimneys until a new copper capped smaller chimney was designed, appropriately called the 'Grange' type.

An extensive building programme was intended but only 80 Grange locos had been built at Swindon when the Second World War commenced and the interrupted programme was never revived.

It was the combination of boiler design and smaller driving wheels which gave the Grange a special reputation amongst enginemen and operators for their ability to haul heavy loads up very steep gradients. By the 1950s they were liberally spread around the ex GWR network being especially suited to the twisting, hilly routes of the Western region. However, the seasonal and perishable traffic that had formed the majority of the Grange's workload was lost to road haulage and by 1965 all the Granges were withdrawn. None of the Grange Class were saved for preservation.

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